ARM – New Reality Series: Sharing the Invisible

Real-time 3D is changing the way we interact with the world – from exploring a car engine to beyond, all from your phone or tablet.

In this episode and podcast, Arm New Reality host John Romero is joined by David Castañeda of Visionaries 777 Ltd. and Tony Parisi of Unity Technologies, exploring and discussing real-time 3D.

It’s amazing to think just how far this technology has come in the last few years, and it’s interesting to think about many of the ways it can be used in the future – from education, the workplace, to putting more power in consumers’ hands during the buyer journey.

Think about purchasing a car, when you’re making a purchase, there’s no way to actually see what’s going on in the parts of the car that you can’t see. That’s where real-time 3D comes into play, breaking down and showing all parts of the car, engine, and more that you would want to see before making that big purchase. And even better, it’s all right there and accessible through mobile.

It’s really cool to see, so take a look at the full episode here or listen to our full podcast here:



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